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THE TRUE POWER OF Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda

Online and Face to face Ayurveda courses. My own wellness journey began in 1994 after suffering from, stress, lower back and hip problems from my background in Nursing.  My commitment to improving my health through yoga and meditation practice began to deepen over time leading me onto  become a graduate of the British School of Yoga and later Sun Power Yoga teacher training.  My interests are in, restoring health and wellbeing through Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.  I continue to be a student of  all disciplines, attending several yoga and meditation retreats and trainings. In recent years I have been practicing with renowned yoga teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker in Costa Rica and my Buddhist  meditation teacher, Suryacitta, from Mindfulness CIC.  My Ayurveda training is with Dr Vasant Ladd of The Ayurvedic Institute US, where I have spent several weeks on intensive training with him in India and continue to study with him online.

The yoga I teach is a hybrid of styles, helping to release deeper levels of tension in the body and mind increasing our health and wellbeing. I teach meditation, online and face to face Ayurveda courses,  Yoga Asana and Yoga Nidra. I run one day, weekend retreats and week long retreats.

My background of Neurology nursing and University lecturer has allowed me to introduce the tools of yoga to health professionals, university colleagues and students, encouraging them to practice yoga and meditation and receive its benefits.



Yoga classes are held in Rearsby Village hall, all levels welcome.

Online Ayurveda course, to look at lifestyle, overall health and wellness. for the Next course contact me for details.https://www.facebook.com/healthhealingyoga/posts/3885888994797088

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Mindfulness MEDITATION and Ayurveda COURSES

Meditation course online or via workshops (Contact me).





Online Ayurveda courses for complete health. As a Nurse, Yoga, meditation teacher and Ayurvedic health professional I can help you to lower your stress, improve your sleep and increase your health and energy by guiding you through weekly daily routines, which includes meditations, relaxation methods, teaching you tools & techniques to continue your practice at home.

Meditation-Helping to bring peace and calm to your day to day life. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity.




Workshops are held at Rearsby Village Hall and online, every few weeks, the next Saturday workshop Saturday 23rd October, spaces.  The workshops offer the opportunity to delve a little deeper into your Yoga or Mindfulness Meditation practice and gain an understanding of some of the other principles of yoga like Pranayama and Ayurveda (The science of life).

Our lives are busy and hectic as we run from one thing to another, we are seldom content, always looking for the next stimulation and never resting. We want everything to be quick, even our medicine never addressing the root cause of our ill health. Not recognising that it may be a symptom of a life out of balance as we lack deep intelligence about our bodies, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda helps us restore that balance.

Yoga is far more than asana or exercise. Yoga in its original intention is a science of spiritual development, helping to create a mind and body free of disease.


I have completed both of the 6 week Ayurvedic courses. Berni is a kind, wise and excellent teacher. In a short period of time, she has inspired me to make some big changes in my life, I am very excited to be exploring and putting into practice new and more healthy ways of living. It's amazing how much a few changes can make to energy and wellbeing. I am hooked! I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Berni! ☺

Dr Kendra Gilbert

Thank you for a great workshop, looking forward to the next one

Pam Lovesay

I do agree that my digestion has improved & a sounder sleep has been achieved.

Nicola Firminger

Most relaxing part of the week, thank you.

Ayurveda has encouraged me to follow a daily routine, which has made such a difference to my health & vitality. Eating sensibly, with awareness has really helped my digestion. My regular yoga practice is improving my flexibility, & the time given to meditation is helping me to calm & relax my body & mind. I’m so happy that I have started his journey with Berni, learning about all the benefits of following an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Berni is an excellent mentor.

Paula Horobin

Made me feel amazing & useful thing to do with patients.

student nurse

Very relaxing, stress free, recommend it.

student nurse

Completely de-stresses me, and I sleep really well. Should have started yoga years before I did. Thank you.

Brilliant Yoga workshop by a brilliant yoga teacher

Moira Bryans

Really miss Berni's classes! such a wonderful teacher and person

Elaine Renolds Rowe

We can thoroughly recommend Berni's meditation course

Phillipa and Zen Kurys

Fabulous yoga retreat. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to practice under the calm and safe tuition of Berni

Carol Griffiths

The meditation course has been life changing, thank you Berni for sharing your knowledge

Richard and Tracey Palmer

Thanks to Berni for being the most incredible teacher and running a yoga retreat that is impossible to describe. I loved every second of it and the company could not have been lovelier

Jeanette Carr

An amazing yoga retreat with some beautiful souls

Amanda Edmonds


You can call me on 07960322912 or use the contact form below.



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